Browning Golden Eagle MK IV/IVA Transmitter OnlyTube Set

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Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer:

Browning Labs


Golden Eagle Mark IV and IVA (Mark II and Mark III models also available in store)

Note: we also have only the transmitter tubes or only the receiver tubes in separate listings if you don't need a complete receiver and transmitter tube set.


Complete Primo tube including all transmitter tubes with a power amp tube - retube your radio and start hearing and working DX again!

Amp Bias Type:

readjust final amplifier bias with new tube

Tube Quantity in ( )

Rectifier/Voltage Regulator Tubes:


Preamp Tubes (matched):

Transmitter tubes(8):

V201 = 12AX7/ECC83 (1)

V202 = 6BA6/5749 (1)

V301 = 6CB6 (1)

V302 = 12BY7 (1)

V303 = 7558 (1)

V203 = 12AX7/ECC83 (1)

V204 = 12AU7/ECC82 (1)

V205 = 6BQ5/EL84 (1)

Power Amp/Driver Tubes (matched):

see V5 in transmitter tubes

Total Tubes in this set:


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