Why Choose Us?

Our pre-packaged GENERIC, and PRIMO vacuum tube sets use a combination of vintage tubes from the 1940’s to new tubes of the present. All of our tubes are tested, matched when necessary and carefully placed into custom tube sets for our customers at everyday affordable prices.

We often get tubes into our tube lab that are decades old and it is hard to determine if they are New in the Box (NIB), New Old Stock (NOS), bulk lots sold without boxes, or replacement tubes with great life still left in them. Our extensive experience and comprehensive testing means we throw out a lot of old and new tubes if they test below minimum “NEW” reading on our calibrated tube testers or they don’t pass the LIFE TEST. You can be assured that all the tubes we sell are NIB/NOS or tested new or better according to manufacturer standards. MATCHED TUBE SETS are matched first for manufacturer (tube code, not label) and then for gain/current draw.

We don’t always specify the brands sold in PRIMO Tube sets since we want to give you the BEST VALUE for the price. Some tube sets have brand options such as EHX = Electro Harmonix, JJ, GNLX (Genalex), VA = Valve Art, Russian and the choice is ours unless you specify a brand preference prior to shipment. With over 15,000 satisfied customers our quality control, selection criteria and value pricing have proven results, so we are confident that you will be pleased with your purchase. 

For customers who want specific tube brands, these are often available as individual or matching tube sets